10 decorative must-haves for your living space


Since the pandemic, many of us are spending more time at home than ever before. Whether it’s because of Covid restrictions or working from home, our homes have become a safe haven to maintain our health and mental well-being. Your home decor should therefore reflect a positive and soothing vibe that helps keep you in a happy state of mind. Here are some tips to improve the ambiance of your living space.

Custom furniture

Custom-made furniture is the solution adapted to its aesthetics and to a varied range of room layouts. Custom furniture aims to create a spatial narrative more suited to the user. For example, a vintage wooden rocking chair can convey a sense of old world charm, while a contemporary swivel chair can be a quirky addition instead. Each type and style of furniture has its own story to tell.

Elegant drapes

Curtains are available in many different finishes, patterns and colors and can make or break the interior look. You can go monochromatic, add definition with patterned curtains, or turn daylight from a window into a subtle, warm glow using sheer curtains.

color is power

Color can add life and depth to any space. You can do this through accent walls, gorgeous fabric, or high-impact wallpaper that can give a subdued room an impressive makeover. A carefully curated color palette creates an exciting area.

beauty of lighting

Good lighting makes a big difference to the interior of your home. Lighting such as pendant lights for your ceiling, floor lamps, vintage style studio lamps and hanging light globes for your side table in the living room, bedroom or hallway can add a touch of style and brighten up your space. .


When done right, flooring can add class and style to a space. For example, you can use parquet for durability, tile and stone for variety and design, or marble to bring class and add to the aesthetics and energy of the home.

Magnificent mirrors

A large mirror can add a “wow” factor to any space and increase illusion and drama. For example, using a large-framed mirror in your bedroom can make it look bigger.

Accessories and collectibles

Objects and collectibles collected over time can lend a personal touch to any space. Adding accessories, sculptures, ceramics or other collectibles to your shelves or tables gives soul to a space.

artistic attraction

A piece of luxury wall decor, a set of paintings or artwork as a focal point or a collection of vintage artwork in the room can imbue delightful charm into your space.

Rugs and carpets

Rugs can be used to create harmony in the room or to create a contrasting effect. They can be used for visual effect in the hallway, as runners for the stairs, next to your bed, or as a centerpiece in the center of your living room.

Bring the Greens

Plants add a serene calm to your home. Real artificial or decorative flowers in a large rustic vase or small indoor planters can add color, texture and life to your room.

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