You decorated badly


GETTING your home to look like what you want can take years.

You may have made a few interior design mistakes without ever realizing it, but thanks to the experts at Rooms onlineyou can avoid these seven.


Red may not be the most restful color for your bedroomCredit: Getty
The right houseplant can make your space more serene


The right houseplant can make your space more sereneCredit: Alamy

Bright colors in the wrong rooms

Bright, bold colors like reds, yellows, and oranges all have their place in the home, but they aren’t stuck directly on the walls.

These intense and very energetic colors are likely to keep you awake or prevent you from relaxing, which is not ideal if you want to relax in your own haven of peace.

Towering walls that use bright colors such as red can distract your brain from relaxing, so they’re not ideal for use in the bedroom.

Neutral tones like blues and grays work best to create a restful mood, while a flash of bright color can add character if desired.


Lack of texture

Textures can make a home feel like a home by adding cozy layers and more exciting visual interest to a room.

Blankets and wall hangings are perfect for the bedroom, while rugs and artwork are a great way to have a variety of textures in other parts of the house.

Too much clutter

The house should be calming, but it is also important to have plenty of storage.

Bedrooms and home offices tend to have the most space, so make the most of them and use any available closets or hidden storage spaces.

Hiding clutter and chaos behind inset cabinet doors or built-in storage solutions can do wonders for hiding all of our odds and ends.

Keep nature outdoors

Plants can help improve the air quality in your home, but it’s important to choose the right ones.

Easy-care plants like spider plants and sansevieria can help keep your home serene and calm.

no carpet

Even in carpeted rooms, adding a rug to a room will make it feel warmer and cozier.

Large, textile-rich rugs are perfect for warming up rooms with wooden floors and will add character to a space.

Rugs also help dampen noise in your space, from footsteps and lower floors, which means happier neighbors.

table height

A common design mistake is getting furniture that looks great, but doesn’t fit ergonomically with those using it.

Just as children’s furniture is built smaller to accommodate their height, we should use furniture and countertops that fit our height.

Coffee tables should be a comfortable distance from the sofa, and bedside tables should be level with your bed and not inaccessible in the middle of the night.

No space to sit

Having plenty of chairs is essential in living rooms and guest lounges, but also, surprisingly, just as important in bedrooms.

Having a chair in your bedroom allows you to put on or take off your shoes, lay out your outfits for tomorrow, and keep dirty or worn clothes off your clean sheets.

Extra chairs are always a good idea


Extra chairs are always a good ideaCredit: Getty
Avoid clutter for added peace of mind


Avoid clutter for added peace of mindCredit: Getty

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