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The Los Feliz home of “High School Musical” singer Vanessa Hudgens is an ancient architectural eye candy.

When the charming and witty Vanessa Hudgens doesn’t dazzle audiences with her acting or serenade listeners with her lovely voice, she is probably basking in the luxury of her Georgian colonial estate in Los Feliz, in California. The high school musical the singer and actress has also starred alongside some of Hollywood’s best actors, such as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Josh Hutcherson, Will Smith, Martin Lawrence and Zac Efron. She has also produced a total of three music albums featuring genres such as Dance-pop, Contemporary R&B, Teen pop, Electropop, and Rhythm and blues. Her success has given her plenty of luxuries, one of them being the $ 5 million house she bought from Oscar-winning actor Gary Oldman. See how she enjoys the serenity of her home and what she’s done to give it a tint of her own flavor.

A rich history

Most celebrities appreciate mansions featuring the latest architectural designs, upgraded technological amenities, and premium interior adornments. But not Mrs. Hudgens. She even appreciates and favors things that are vintage, like the 3,168 square foot home she spent five years looking for a home. The Colonial House was actually built by legendary filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille who built the house for his mistress in 1922, eventually nicknamed the estate “Little DeMille”. Looking like a true hopeless romantic, Hudgens said in an interview with Architectural design, “For me, there is something so romantic about it, a house with character and quirks.” And true to her love of authentic vintage artifacts, she also expressed her love for Art Deco air vents, pavilion chandeliers, mohair sofa, travertine stacking tables, a wooden chime clock and a collection. of vintage books from various parts of the world. Its walls are also decorated with large vintage posters and prints by abstract photographers. Did I mention she’s really into vintage ?!

In keeping with the French feel that emerges from the exterior of the house with its embellishment of olive trees in the courtyard, as well as the 18th century French oak floors from a chapel in Europe that actor Gary Oldman had installed before Hudgens bought the home; one of his old wall posters is also from French film Breathless. Despite being a modern woman, she admits that she has always been looking for an “old house”. She also went ahead and Jake Arnold, famous interior designer hired, to complete his vision of the living room space. Hudgens thanks Arnold for helping her create a ‘laid back, relaxed and comfortable’ atmosphere, beautifying almost every corner of the house with chandeliers, huge bouquets and houseplants.

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The ins and outs of ‘Little DeMille’

Of all the celebrity mansions on display, Vanessa Hudgens seems to have one of the simplest. From the living room to the dining room via the kitchen, old carpets from Laurent La Bréa in Los Angeles run all over the house. Starting with the kitchen, she reveals that a major makeover was done during the pandemic with her free time. Kitchen countertops she crafted in sparkling white Carrera marble outfitted the travertine tile floors for an authentic Italian feel. The handcrafted fireclay sinks she got from Shaw and, of course, gave her a facelift with a few plants. In addition, she took care of opening the cabinets, replacing a few of them with rustic oak beans for the shelves. She also painted the entire cabinet in a soft, feminine olive green shade which greatly added to the Italian effect she was looking for. And not far from there is a modest breakfast table tidy in a corner, outfitted with a 1920s New Orleans-style armchair leaning against a unique wallpaper of Hackney House littered with mushrooms and mythical dragons. She came up with the idea for a restaurant in New York called First House that she likes very much.

From there, a swinging door takes you into the dining room, both exquisite and simple. Hudgens seems to have a passion for interior design and an artistic eye, as she purposely bought a wooden dining table to match the patterns on the floor, which blend together quite well. The 1950s chandelier that hovered above the table was meant to inspire a romantic Italian setting, with a double door that opens onto the back yard where all the olive trees are prominently displayed. It’s like a piece of Italy in Hollywood.

In her bedroom, for her, he represents the quintessence of femininity. Coated with nude paintings of female figures on her walls, she made sure the decor made a statement. Making the color theme of orange velvet, she made sure the curtains epitomized her taste. Her bedroom is filled with antiques and vintage pieces, such as a pair of wall sconces. Obsolete and two marble bedside tables that she had originally designed. The bathroom is connected to his haven of peace, which Hudgens considers one of his favorite places. The cave-like presence is where she wanted to feel ‘sexy’ with black painted walls, marble countertops and an egg-shaped tub is the star’s ‘favorite’ place. Disney in the house.

The next enchanting part of the Hudgen Mansion would be its outdoor swimming pool. One can also appreciate the ivy vines covering the brick areas of the front of the house, which Vanessa is proud to say are a rarity in Los Angeles. Getting back to the pool, a vintage silver theater mask chair is posted on the pool deck, which complements the one-line portraits she had painted on the pool wall. There are also wooden lounge chairs for sunbathing and a seating area under an olive tree. Her artistic, earthy, gothic style definitely set her house apart in style, and she makes no apologies for it.

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