Tips to spruce up your home for the New Year

The New Years period is full of possibilities if you are looking to spruce up your home for a new vibe. Also, changing the outlook for your living space is all the more important for the year 2022. Ashish Dhingra, founder of a furniture brand, shares some tips.

Change the wall decoration

You can explore wall decor with wall paint, murals, paintings, photo frames, and even hanging rugs. Also consider changing the color of the wall to natural earthy shades like green, gray or brown.

And if a color change isn’t what you have in mind, then let your creativity run wild with dreamlike murals, vivid patterns, or just a large painting adorning your walls.

Bring classic character into the dining room

Cottage core is a returning trend with the revival of warm and cozy interiors for homes. From the minimalist approach to empty open spaces, the Cottage Core brings classic 80s tunes back to the dining room.

The best part is that you can recreate your dining space with the materials available. Simple things like wooden chairs, classic cotton or silk tablecloths, bamboo placemats, and glassware accessories are the easiest additions to this decor.

Add ecological tones to your windows

Windows not only function as a source of light in your home, but they also add a distinct sentimental utility. Windows can be a nice distortion in the raw, simple surroundings of a room, and a perfect space to experience unique personalization.

Add natural hues with Roman or rattan shades that maintain privacy while still letting enough light into the room. Or use a less sheer silk curtain with natural textures.

However, if you prefer a more subtle and relaxed approach with understated interiors, slub linen is more suitable for your space.

Thoughtful additions for the home office

What does your job require? Creativity, focus, multitasking or empathy? You can recreate your home office to meet the demands of your profession. A workspace needs a clear, organized vision so you can use the energy you need for the day.

Houseplants like violin leaf, birds of paradise, peace lily, are a perfect addition if you are looking to focus and need clarity of thought in your workplace. Other essentials that you must add to your workplace are a minimalist and stylish desk lamp, a plush rug for extra comfort under your feet, and a transparent bookshelf.


Do you feel like your home doesn’t have more space to accommodate something new? When adding things is easy, your home can quickly become cluttered.

Minimalism is the solution you should be looking for to free up space and move freely around your home. It is also an opportunity if you are looking for a space that stimulates reflections and open conversations.

Just mark the things you don’t need regularly and remove them for storage or retrieval.

Biophilic interior design

The biophilic design simply adds a little more nature to your interior spaces. This design trend has been around for some time now, but has grown in importance with the increase in indoor hours.

Biophilic design means adding features to your home to promote circulation of fresh air, natural light, flora, and nature patterns. This would include ventilation, large windows, open space, plenty of houseplants, and eco-friendly color themes.

Add nostalgia with home accessories

How to ignore the humble and useful accessories while beautifying the interiors? Home accessories are the last mile connection to your home personalization efforts.

Add antique metal, granite or simply glassware accessories to reflect your taste and luxurious style for your home. Glassware and natural accessories like granite and wood are perfect for warm and nostalgic settings, while metal reflects a more modern approach.

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