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Wheeling’s Stephen Glenn “Squeaky” Finney left the depot on a train bound for Glory on September 10, 2021.

He was her favorite 69-year-old number. He lived and died on his terms.

Steve was born in Martins Ferry, OH on November 3, 1951, the first of two sons of Marvin and Virginia Viola Bidka Finney.

Marvin owned and operated Mar Glenn’s carpet cleaning business for 40 years. His rugs are still in use 40 years later in Oglebay Park in the Pine Room.

His grandparents were Walter and Nellie Bidka, who traveled here from Poland, entering this country as immigrants via Ellis Island sponsored by Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel, as Walter was a master carpenter. Roland and Alma Finney were his paternal grandparents. They owned and operated Wheeling Quality Laundry. Steve’s first job was to work for them at the age of 12. He traveled with his father and grandfather through the Ohio Valley serving many customers as they owned several laundry services along the Ohio River. Since the 1980s Steve had owned and operated Hilltop Engravers. He engraved signs, plaques and badges for individuals and businesses in the Ohio Valley and across the United States for over 40 years, while using a 1982 Commodore 64. Steve said that it worked faster than his fingers could type. So, being the kind of guy he was, he held on saying if he wasn’t broke, didn’t fix it, then he continued to use the Commodore 64 on a daily basis.

He graduated from John Marshall High School in 1969, being part of the first graduating class of the newly built school in Glen Dale, WV. He went to college in Silver Springs, MD, and when he graduated there he became a journeyman union electrician and joined IBEW Local 141 in Wheeling, where he worked for over 45 years old.

He met his first wife, Dorothy Sedor, at a New Years party and together they were lucky enough to have two sons, Justin and Dustin. After five years of marriage, Dorothy and Steve have separated.

It was January 10, 1996 – 26 years ago today – at 3:10 p.m. at the Sherrard Volunteer Fire Department, where Steve was in a search and rescue meeting when he was introduced to Roseanna Colvin . Roseanna was struck by love at first sight. It was her bedroom eyes and winning smile with missing a front tooth that first caught the attention of this divorced mother of 4-year-old son. Roseanna had just lost 110 pounds. The day they first met Steve put his hands around Roseanna’s waist and said, “I wonder what that size 110 pounds looked like.”

Their first date was on Roseanna’s birthday in May 1996 at The Cheese Cellar in Station Square. Steve paid the bill and since it was Roseanna’s birthday he got her age as a percentage off the bill. He loved her from that point on because she always saved him money. For those of you who knew Steve, you knew he was very thrifty. Roseanna looks like if Steve’s Polish style was tighter he would go diamonds. Steve said that since Roseanna introduced him to garage sales, he would never wash his clothes again. He said he would just wear his shorts until they were clean and dirty and then throw them away because he knew he could get a new pair at a garage sale for 25 cents.

They got married on January 1, 1999 because Steve wanted to get married on a public holiday because he said that way he would never forget their anniversary. So Roseanna said to start the year off on the right foot and get us married on New Years Day and they did. Most weddings are like taking a bath, they are not that hot after a while. If you compare Steve and Roseanna’s wedding to a bath, it was hot, humid, and full of bubbles. He never got old or cold. A match made in heaven. Whenever Steve and Roseanna were asked how long they had been married, they would respond in unison, “Not long enough.”

Roseanna and Steve were inseparable for over 25 years. Steve’s friends and family would say he and Roseanna were two peas in a pod. Roseanna’s friends and family would say she married a male version of herself. People would say Steve was one of a kind. Roseanna would respond “yes he was – my favorite genre.” They worked hard and played harder. Steve found pleasure when he was around the trains. He was fascinated by the railroad, which led him to develop a passion for collecting trains. Steve owned several Railroad Speeders or “Putt Putt” cars and loved to go on railroad adventures. His favorite vacation destination was Durbin, WV, being a Caboose Castaway on the Durbin and Greenbrier Valley Railroad. They are affectionately referred to as “The Finney Postman” by many as where every year for the past 15 years Steve and Roseanna would meet and greet train passengers on July 4th, while also providing private caboose tours, entertaining them. passengers, and the promotion of the railway. They would stay for two weeks on July 4th enjoying nature at its best and plenty of nightly fireworks could be heard as they burst in color, lighting up the night sky as the Finneys camped in the caboose. Steve has always made everyone’s 4th of July shine bigger and brighter than the rest, going beyond the biggest and brightest fireworks money can buy.

They also did the Toys for Tots Railroad for several years using Speeder Putt Putt wagons to haul gifts and toys that people brought on the tracks as they waved wagons and gave toys to give away. to children.

Steve loved chocolate Reese’s Cups – they were his favorites. Roseanna said he should have been a woman because her love for chocolate was so strong. Steve would tease Roseanna and tell her that she was the only thing he liked that wasn’t chocolate. He also experienced and enjoyed the Pop-Tarts which made their glorious debut in 1964, when Kellogg first introduced the toaster that would forever change breakfast and life as he knew it. He enjoyed a daily sweet diet of Pop-Tarts, Reese’s Cups and chased them with chocolate milk. He enjoyed them for over 50 years. He only ate the brown sugar and cinnamon ones because he said he didn’t know what was in the fruit. Roseanna would say, “Well, if the box says they’re strawberries, there’s a good chance they’re strawberries.” “

Steve was a warm-blooded man, so he wore shorts all year round, even in subzero temperatures, with only a hat, vest and slip-on shoes without socks. He and Roseanna made a joke when people were surprised to see him in shorts on a cold day and asked why he was wearing shorts. He would tell them it was because his wife wore the pants in the family.

Steve and Roseanna have enjoyed volunteering in many organizations. One of them worked on the New River Gorge Train, making the trip from Huntington to Hinton for many years while entertaining their train passengers. It was during this trip that they would meet Sue and Rickie Dale who were at the dock at Hawk’s Nest. Steve and Roseanna would then travel to Hawk’s Nest every year for Bridge Day and enjoy a river excursion in a jet boat commanded by Rickie Dale and his faithful sidekick, Rickie’s beloved wife Sue, to whom Steve and Roseanna waved whenever they came. through the New River Gorge by train and forge a lasting friendship. They also enjoyed watching the Cardinal Amtrak train travel to Washington, DC while staying at Hawk’s Nest Lodge.

Steve has had many accomplishments. He was particularly proud to have obtained his CDL (Commercial Driver’s License). He held a Class A CDL with numerous endorsements. His proudest endorsement was to become a licensed school bus driver. As a professional driver, Steve lived by his motto. He would always tell everyone, “Always use your turn signals even if you’re doing 90 mph. “

He was a member of IBEW Local 141 for over 45 years. He was a member of the Mount Olivet Cemetery Board of Trustees, following in the footsteps of his father, Marvin, who was the Sexton of the cemetery. He has volunteered with many groups including USSARR Search And Rescue Recovery, which searches for people lost or missing, and Belmont County REACT, which offers emergency radio communications and safety breaks with free coffee and snacks. for travelers. He and Roseanna spent many weekends by the side of the road feeding the traveling public in hopes of making their travels a little brighter. He was an organ donor who offered life’s most precious gift, donating gallons of life-saving blood over the years as a member of the American Red Cross. He was a member of the Ohio County Civil Air Patrol, Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 39, West Virginia Mountain Railroad Logging Association, North American Railcar Operators Association, American Railway Caboose Historical Educational Society, life member of NASAR (National Association for Search And Rescue). His most valuable railroad is Cass Scenic Railroad. He was proud to be a shareholder of The Durbin and Greenbrier Valley Railroad, which now operates The Cass Scenic Railroad. He considered it to be “his personal railway.”

In addition to his parents, Steve was predeceased by his brother, Samuel Mark Finney on September 23, 2006.

Steve will be remembered with undying love for his loving wife, Roseanna Colvin Finney; his two sons, Justin David Finney (Stephanie) and Dustin James Finney; her stepson, Timm “Otis” Shughart (Ashlee Goff); his grandchildren, Brenden, Alyssa, Jael, Stephen and Matthew Finney, Gavinn and Everett “Sebastian” Shughart.

Proverbs 17:22 says that a cheerful heart does good like medicine, but a broken spirit dries up bones ”. Just being with Steve could boost a man’s morale because Steve truly lived life with a happy heart. He brightened the lives of all of us lucky enough to have spent time with him. He was our medicine for happiness because he could raise eyebrows, giving us the strength of memories to face this new chapter. Steve stays in our hearts to encourage us.

A private memorial was held in his honor because Steve did not want a funeral. He said there were better ways to spend $ 10,000.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made in memory of Steve at The Durbin and Greenbrier Valley Railroad PO Box 44 Durbin, WV, 26264.

“Happy taunts until we meet again.” ”

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