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As we move into the New Year, it ushers in new hope, possibilities, and new memories to look forward to, albeit in a scenario of uncertainty.

The spaces in a house are intended to evoke a certain emotion and give you a feeling of belonging. They should be an extension of your personality and values ​​rather than just meeting basic housing requirements. The marriage of functionality and aesthetics is what makes these interiors sing, and helps you connect with your immediate surroundings.

Over the past year, the way we interact with our spaces and the time spent indoors has changed dramatically. The pre-pandemic period saw us escape from our homes as we were constantly on the move, returning to our bedrooms to relax and unwind.

We are now using every nook and cranny of our homes, as we come up with new ways to create separate spaces for our personal and business needs. Finer details like the color of your walls, the placement of your sofa or the quality of the furnishings in your bedroom – each one plays a vital role in improving our mood and mental well-being. The focus is now on a more holistic lifestyle with a well-balanced approach.

With these factors and requirements in mind, ISHO has put together an Interior Trends Report to help you design your own tranquil sanctuary with a touch of luxury.

The natural and sustainable way

2022 is the year of becoming aware of our actions and of being more aware of the concerns that plague the environment. There is a new need to incorporate the use of natural and organic materials in interiors and decor. Large, bulky plastic furniture is now considered waste and is considered outdated! Linen with a soft texture, a neutral palette, glazed ceramic, rugs in natural fibers such as wool are now inviting modern homes to reconnect with nature. Furniture made from reclaimed wood, natural materials like rattan and recycled glass accessories are now gaining in popularity. Mass-produced textiles replaced by vintage hand-woven ones fabrics which are produced in a sustainable manner.

Dark and brooding shades

Although bright and vibrant colors have always been an industry favorite, people are now opting for darker, fuller tones in their bedrooms for a more comfortable vibe and an element of mystery. Inky blues, dark teals, velvety grays are a bold but sophisticated choice for those who prefer a dark and calm atmosphere. The trick to perfecting this trend is to include bright or neutral accents along with interior greenery to balance out the dark backdrop. Contrary to popular belief, moody wall colors can actually be the perfect canvas to highlight lighter rooms and can complement the textures of marble, leather, velvet, or other natural materials perfectly.

Wall panels

Wall panels and screens are reborn and are also a modern alternative to intrigue your living room. When it comes to wall panels, a few traditional methods include the use of moldings and moldings, wood slats, and plank and slat panels. However, this trend receives a contemporary upgrade as people choose to recreate this effect while also mixing it with contemporary furniture and accessories.

Luxurious jewelry tones

As the New Year dawns, muted and neutral tones are still in fashion, but people are also looking to experience an element of sparkle in their interiors without turning it into a visual disaster. Rich jewelry tones such as cold sapphires, deep emeralds and sunny amber are regal and timeless in their essence and enhance the grandeur of your space. Quilted sofas with brass legs, a sconce and pendant lights in metallic hues or even gold damask patterns placed on a muted background can give the room a striking and striking look. sophisticated.

A coherent clash of colors and patterns

While the idea of ​​having a uniform, cohesive style appeals to many owners, there has been a tectonic shift in this trend. With this, we often run the risk of finding ourselves in a monotonous space devoid of any visual interest. We’re now seeing unconventional color palettes, textured flourishes, and eclectic combinations of colors and patterns take center stage for a warmer, more lived-in vibe. Printed wallpapers, geometric jacquard rugs, vibrant artwork frames, ornate vases and quaint ottomans are adventurous choices to give your space a globally inspired style and well traveled call.

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