HABIB opens modern luxury concept showroom at Bangsar Village II


HABIB, a leading jeweler, today unveiled its latest showroom. Located in Bangsar Village II, the spacious 2399 square feet (223 m²) is the first modern luxury concept showroom that features an exclusive dedicated space with its own dining area and lounge area with sofa.

Inspired by a wide range of influences, the modern luxury concept showroom incorporates contrasting textures and luxury materials. The exclusive showroom area features crystal glass and crystal glass display counters lined with serenity blue suede fabric, giving a glamorous yet timeless feel.

Showcasing a bold neutral color combination with clean design lines, the area is decorated with a combination of gray and royal blue draped curtains and earthy-toned rugs with matching modern furnishings. Other notable features of the showroom include a private viewing area, VIP dining room, and chat area. Offering ample space, the exclusive space is ideal for private functions and product showcases.

VIP lounge in the new HABIB showroom.

Incorporating digital elements into the facade of the new showroom, customers are also greeted with the entrance of the brand’s signature frame upon entering the showroom, with an LED screen on the left side highlighting evidence of dynamic close-ups of HABIB creations.

The new showroom is also the first and only HABIB showroom to have two different feature walls – a unique textured ozone glass and another mirrored glass wall with its HABIB logo.

Looking for Christmas gifts for your loved ones? In this new showroom, you will also be able to discover the latest HABIB collections, including its famous Oro Italia 916® collection, as well as its wide range of diamond and gemstone collections.

Clients can also expect a wider selection of gold investment assets, ranging from gold bullion, gold wafers and gold banknotes, as well as certified diamonds.

All images are courtesy of HABIB.

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