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And all I talked about was design. But, also, the food was just stunning – and everyone dreamed of being accompanied by whiskey. To bring out all those notes and flavors of honey, coconut and Seville orange. You might have been to Glenmorangie House before the renovation and enjoyed a traditional Old Fashioned – but these days you’d better lay down in sage splendor with a long zest. A whiskey cocktail that will satisfy any gin lover with a weak and less robust nose. Or a ginger and lemon soda, the spiciest of whiskey cocktails, ideally accompanied by the Signet – or “signature” dessert – a roasted pudding with flavors of coffee, baked apricots, rich dark chocolate and a hint. of caramel. With local dishes as good as in the Highlands of Scotland, North Sea Halibut, Partridge and Highland Venison have all been carefully incorporated into the menu in a smart and delicious way.

One of the individually designed rooms, Reserve

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Chances are you don’t want to venture far from whiskey heaven (with its raucous, fun communal dining setup with whiskey and bagpipe nights), but you have to go; to fetch food from ‘nature’s larder’, meet the bees of Glenmorangie, explore the Moray Firth coastline, try falconry and bask under the night sky of the Highlands on an evening viewing crystal clear stars. Then there’s the trip to the Glenmorangie Distillery, to see the famous giraffe-height stills – and do a tasting (ask Annette Mackenzie, who has worked at the distillery for many, many years and is fun embodied). Believe me you won’t regret a trip to Glenmorangie (pronounced ‘orangie’ like its color, not ‘angie’) it’s awesome.

North sea views

Sim canetty clarke

Doubles from £ 340 including breakfast and dinner; Whiskey Weekend package from £ 1,100 for two nights. Fear by Tain, Tain, Easter Ross IV20 1XP (01862 871671;

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