Floor your entire home with Cousins ​​Furniture


The cousins are highly regarded as Midlands‘ the largest family-owned furniture retailer, where you can furnish every room in your home under one roof.

One of the company’s lesser-known strengths is its extensive selection of floor coverings and carpets. You can cover your entire home, whether you want carpets, hard floors – laminates, LVT (luxury vinyl tiles), wood floors or vinyls – or just a rug to complete the look. Cousins ​​are able to meet your flooring needs whether it is for a living space, dining room or a bedroom, as well as the high wear areas of a hallway, food or stairs.

As part of the prestigious Flooring One group, Cousins ​​offers an enviable selection of the latest designs from leading flooring brands, all at affordable prices and great value. Cousins ​​Furniture offers free planning and estimates, and free standard underlay on all carpets.

They can also take care of you commerciallywhether you need to fit out a restaurant, offices or rental properties.

Cousins ​​has a huge selection of flooring and rugs so you can cover your entire home.

Choosing the right rug or flooring for your home will depend on many The factors. Combining the right level of luxury and style with functionality and durability, the flooring and rug experts at Cousins ​​will be able to recommend the best solution to suit your lifestyle and daily needs.

Nothing will beat the beauty of real wood flooring, with its distinct features and luxurious status. Whether it’s a classic plank layout or a more ornate parquet floor. Luxurious wood floors can sometimes be surpassed in durability by LVT and laminate floors, while vinyls offer an inexpensive alternative.

Hard floors are the most practical, especially where spills are likely to be frequent, such as in kitchens and bathrooms. Hard floors are also more suitable for people with allergies.

When choosing rugs for your home, there are many different types and styles to consider to suit your home, whether you’re looking to blend in or make a statement! Rugs are warmer and more comfortable underfoot, and using the right underlay will also help the rug’s longevity, insulation, and sound absorption. This can be a particular advantage in bedrooms and casual living spaces (especially in the winter months), or if you have toddlers who are prone to crawling.

Carpets are cheaper and less expensive to install, but you will probably have to replace the carpet sooner. You can also select mats with a waterproof backing to kitchens and bathrooms for increased durability.

The best way to decide which rug or flooring is right for you is to visit one of their stores where they have big screens and samples, letting you feel the quality yourself. Explore the choice, quality and value Cousins ​​has to offer and get advice from one of their friendly and knowledgeable flooring experts.

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