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What is the meaning of Meta?

All of the talk online and offline on Thursday was about Facebook’s new Meta ad and Mark Zuckerberg’s bet on the next great computing platform, or “Internet Incarnate,” as he described it in a skillfully produced video describing his company’s investments. in the future concept.

Naturally, there was a lot of cynicism about renaming the parent company (but not its individual apps) at a time when Facebook is in the fight of a lifetime, trying to prove it’s not the Dark Lord. that destroys American democracy.

And at a Mytheresa lunch I attended at the Bel-Air Hotel, there were also sneers about the uninspiring blue chain link Meta logo, which didn’t find much favor among the crowd. luxury fashion lover set.

(This was one of many events hosted by the Mytheresa e-commerce platform in Los Angeles this week, to get to know the city’s style mavens, including Thursday lunch host Nyakio Grieco, founder of Thirteen Lune, fashion designer Monique Lhuillier, founder of Sprinkles Candace Nelson, journalist Jessica Yellin and super stylist Jeanne Yang.)

But there was also a lot of dream talk about fashion and style opportunities for Facebook’s metaverse slice.

“They’ll need furniture and rugs in the metaverse,” suggested John Frierson, president of The Novogratz, the LA interior design and product brand created by Cortney and Robert Novogratz, the hip, arty couple with seven. children who have been featured in several reality shows. shows.

Meta, at least as shown in the main video, could use a bit of Novogratz whimsy.

Not that Zuckerberg’s modern sci-fi haunt of the Pacific Northwest, with a floating fireplace and open-air training islands, wasn’t designed inside, until family photos on its shelves… it was just a little bland.

One of Meta’s promises, which aims to kickstart the metaverse, not own it (really!), Is that anyone will be able to design their own spaces and worlds, through their proprietary Horizon Home social virtual reality platforms. and Horizon Mondes.

“It’s not about spending more screen time, it’s about making that time better,” Zuckerberg said, touting the New Age virtue of the presence that the virtual world will somehow create. of another. “Over the next decade, we hope to reach 1 billion people and house hundreds of billions in commerce. “

Fashion will be a part of it – “a virtual clothes wardrobe”, as he put it, showing off a technical brother’s favorite monochrome uniform, a t-shirt and pants, a spacesuit and a skeleton suit. as potential options.

“I want to provide opportunities for as many people as possible to create in the Metaverse,” he continued, explaining that he will try to keep the cost of creation as low as possible. Does this mean that we can finally all become digital fashion designers?

Zuckerberg also said that Meta is exploring new models of ownership – so that digital objects and cabinets can switch between apps, but also without a doubt, so all those NFTs that the 1% have gobbled up can be displayed exclusively in their digital spaces. Because someone has to show off that $ 69 million Beeple, right?

To explain Meta’s business potential, Product Manager Vishal Shah spoke, as well as Nigerian-American beauty content creator Jackie Aina, founder of Southern California-based scented candle brand Forvrmood.

Aina brought a whiff of feminine mod to Meta, creating her own virtual brand world of pastel sofas, white marble tables, gold-framed paintings, and cherry blossom bouquets. Wearing a lavender dress with pearl buttons and heels, she said the space was the perfect place to gather her team for conservation, brainstorming and maybe even a launch party.

Perhaps for an exclusive Meta product launch, Shah suggested, explaining how the metaverse and the real world will interact to market and sell. “It’s the endless possibility of my imagination,” Aina replied when asked what Meta means to her.

There are already digital storefronts on cryptocurrency and gaming sites, but who will open the first with Facebook’s Meta?

Maybe Forvrmood. Pop culture fanatic Gucci, which is hosting its next show in Los Angeles on Tuesday, could also be a contender. Alessandro Michele could easily have designed the silver sequin suit that Jon Batiste donned for his cameo on the Meta stage to promote the value of entertainment to the world, and when he appeared at an open after-party. . (Zuckerberg went to great lengths to say that his view of his virtual reality world is egalitarian, but what about these algorithms…?)

Tech-savvy Balenciaga once showed off a runway collection in a video game, so it would be a natural Meta brand. Or Dolce & Gabbana could take the plunge. Because despite having been virtually canceled by the digital world on at least two occasions, the brand dazzled it earlier this month by selling an NFT couture collection called ‘Collezione Genesi’ on the UNXD digital luxury market for a record $ 15 million.

Maybe the designers could host Alta Meta instead of Alta Moda? Look at the meta fashion space.

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