Enter a Mumbai apartment that exemplifies the ‘glocal’ aesthetic


“She landed getting the veto!” reveals to interior designer Chaitali Parikh-Mehta the creative disagreements she had with her mother and partner, interior designer Sejal Parikh, when creating the Parikh Residence in South Mumbai. The 1,700 square foot 3BHK apartment that houses Sejal and her husband Deepak Parikh, a cancer surgeon, offers fantastic views of Priyadarshini Park and the Arabian Sea beyond. The design intention, therefore, was to capitalize on this all-room scene. As the apartment was part of an old building, minimal structural changes were made; however, one bedroom has been converted into an office and den.

Pulkit Sehgal

“We wanted to use Indian materials and finishes, and incorporate furniture and accessories created by artisans and local brands,” explains Chaitali. “My parents traveled the world a lot and have an impressive collection of objects from different countries. They wanted to make these memories a place of pride in this apartment, ”she adds. In addition, the designers also wanted to recycle and reuse the furniture they already owned.

The lobby is dressed in distressed yellow paint and features an African bench and a collection of artifacts including wooden walking sticks and masks. On the white wall, flanked by two Brazilian masks, is a family heirloom – Scroll, from the East India Company – dating from 1819.

Pulkit Sehgal

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