Common decorating mistakes and how to avoid them


Common decorating mistakes and how to avoid them

February 18, 2022, 11:47 a.m.
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Decorating your home can be challenging, especially with the amount of options out there.

No matter how hard you try, sometimes it seems impossible to get a home that’s both nice and stylish.

Maintaining visual balance for the overall look of your interiors is crucial but difficult to achieve.

While there are different ways to add visual appeal to your home, people often get it right.

Here are some tips to avoid common decorating mistakes:

Balancing visual weight

Lokendra Singh RanawatCEO and co-founder of a high-end furniture brand, says, “The most crucial aspect of achieving attractive interiors is balancing visual weight.”

“Never overdecorate your space with bold elements. Create highlights instead of overdecorating a room.”

This way the eye will catch a picture frame or major piece of furniture in the room and not wander around overwhelmed.

Color contrast is difficult for many – it can be overwhelming deciding on your home theme without understanding what you want.

Always follow your instincts when choosing shades for your interior.

Understand what type of decorative elements you want and what shade would go best with it.

It is always wise to decide the color of the room according to your furniture.

Plays well with light

An essential decor element that is often overlooked is light.

Buying a stately light fixture as a highlight is not just that.

You also need to place your lighting smartly to create a sparkling spotlight on your decorations while enhancing the style of your space.

You have to play well with the angles of light and the temperatures to properly brighten up your interiors.

Choose the right rug size

Raghunanadan Saraffounder and CEO of a luxury furniture brand, says, “Area rugs are one of the most widely recognized decorating mistakes.”

All furniture should be perched on the carpet.

In case it is beyond the realm of possibility, the front legs of stronger furniture should be on the carpet while the back legs can be outside.

Don’t push all the furniture against the walls

The size of your room may make this awkward, but try moving furniture away from the walls to create more intimate living room discussion areas.

Contrary to popular belief, moving furniture away from the walls will give items some leeway, expand the space, and create better balance.

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