Camden Property Trust: How to Staging Your Apartment Home


Looking to spruce up your apartment but don’t know where to start? You have come to the right place! In real estate, home sellers will “stage” a room to help buyers visualize themselves alive in space. We thought, why not take this idea and apply it to the place you call your home, your apartment!

Staging your home for living can help you get more of it and maximize your space. A staged apartment can also be more welcoming as there is usually a lack of clutter and you only use your favorite furniture, accessories and artwork.

Here are three easy steps to showcase your Camden apartment and make it feel like home!

1. The Magic Three

Have you ever heard that everything goes in threes? The Magic Three is very similar except that it is used for your decor. For example, if you have a lazy tray or tray on the counter, you’ll want to style it with three items. According to accredited home staging professionals, the best way to stage three elements is to follow the high-medium-low method. This method involves using something high like a vase with flowers, medium like a small photo or pot, and low using a decorative bow or favorite trinket. Remember, less is more and it’s important to give every item a break.

Apartment decor, magic example three shown here. Photo by Brooke Clark

2. Use color for accent pieces and accessories

What is your favorite color? Have you ever wanted to put this color on your walls but didn’t want to have to paint the walls in your Camden apartment when it comes time to move? Me too! Personalizing your apartment with your favorite color using decorative pieces and accessories can make your Camden apartment feel right at home.

Using items like pillows, rugs, and blankets can bring your space to life. Using pops of color in your accessories also allows you to change the room without the manual labor of painting or spending a lot of money. When the holidays arrive, you can throw a pillowcase over your pillows and add a new holiday blanket to bring the holidays home. When your favorite color changes, you don’t have to go broke buying a new accent chair or sofa, but instead, you can change out the carpet for a much lower cost.

Living room decor ideas on Camden Lincoln Station

3. Principle of the Titanic

Let’s talk about how to rearrange and place your furniture. According to accredited directing professionals, the principle of the Titanic is to place all of your furniture on one side of your room, making the space appear to be tilting in one direction. If you have all of your furniture surrounding your TV on one side of the room, take the time to space it out a bit. Create a breathing space between each piece of furniture. You can lay rugs on define each space by spreading out the furniture a bit.

When rearranging your furniture, pay attention to natural paths. If you have a chair that seems to interfere with a natural path, find a wall to place it against; then when you entertain friends or family, you can bring it into the space to add extra seats if needed.

Salon at Apartments in Camden Lakeway in Denver, Colorado

Now that you are an expert on how to stage your apartment house! Stop reading and start directing! Label @camdenliving once you are done and share your beautiful Camden apartment with us! Do you need to start cleaning up before you start your staging? Check Top 5 durable cleaning products for your home!

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