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Which red cushions are the best?

The right combination of throw pillows can tie any room together. Due to their ability to match or contrast with anything from an accent rug to curtains, throw pillows are among the most versatile tools to have in your arsenal when decorating a room. . And the cushions are available in many shapes, sizes and even with writing on them to add an extra touch to your home decor.

In this spirit, the Cheer Collection Faux Fur Throw Pillow Set of Two are an excellent choice to add a touch of red to your sofa or chairs.

What you need to know before buying red cushions

What a cushion is

Decorative pillows are small decorative cushions that can be thrown on any chair, sofa or other piece of furniture. They serve a primarily aesthetic rather than practical purpose, bringing together the color scheme or design of a room.

Types of cushions

There are dozens of kinds of cushions. They are some of the most versatile options when it comes to home decor because they can adapt and enhance any type of space. Modern cushions can be made of cotton, burlap, velvet or satin. Another popular type is the faux fur pillow, especially in contemporary home decor.

History of the cushion

Sometimes called throw pillows or throw pillows, throw pillows began adding a layer of luxury to homes centuries ago. The first known use of a pillow as a decorative object dates back to around 7000 BC, in some of the earliest civilizations of Mesopotamia. Back then, only the wealthiest and noblest owned pillows, and many pillows were hard. However, over time they have become more popular in home decorating and are now a home decor staple.

What to Look for in Quality Red Throw Pillows

Color pallet

Due to the nature of the cushion, its color scheme should match the aesthetic of the room you are decorating. Ideally, the cushions match or contrast with the carpets, drapes or other eye-catching furniture. Working around a specific theme or colors will help narrow down cushion choices.

Printed cushions

Many cushions are decorated with text or patterns. Some are seasonal, celebrating fall or winter, while others display sayings, such as “Home sweet home”. These pillows are fun and popular, often in a living room or foyer.


Just like color, the size of a cushion can vary greatly, from small to huge. Depending on the needs of your room, finding the right size can be tricky. However, as long as the pillows serve the theme and colors of the room, they will enhance it.

How much you can expect to spend on red throw pillows

Cushions cost an average of $15 to $30, depending on their size and the texture of the fabric. Many pillow shams cost less, sometimes under $15, and are great for mixing and matching colors with the same standard 18 x 18 inch pillow inserts.

Red Pillow FAQs

How many cushions are too many?

A. Although they are decorative, cushions should not overload your furniture. In the end, there should always be enough space to sit despite the presence of the cushions.

How to arrange the cushions on a sofa?

A. The general rule is to start with the largest near the armrest or armrests and then reduce it towards the middle of the sofa.

What are the best red throw pillows to buy?

Red cushion top

Cheer Collection Faux Fur Throw Pillow Set of Two

What do you want to know: These accent pillows are made of cozy faux fur.

What you will love: They are durable and long lasting thanks to their high quality construction. The faux fur design makes them soft and perfect for lounging around in.

What you should consider: Some users say they like the covers more than the inserts and find the pillows thin.

Or buy: Available at Amazon and Macy’s

Red cushion top for the money

MoonRest Microfiber Decorative Pillow Set of Two

MoonRest Microfiber Decorative Pillow Set of Two

What do you want to know: This set is the perfect addition to any living room, thanks to its high quality microfiber design.

What you will love: It has a zipper to match the covers to other pillows, and the inserts are easily removable.

What you should consider: Pillows and blankets are separated in the package and require you to insert them manually.

Or buy: Available at Amazon

Worth checking out

Aubrianna square cushion cover and insert

Aubrianna square cushion cover and insert

What do you want to know: These burgundy throw pillows add a whimsical design in silver, white and gold.

What you will love: Shoppers praised their high quality and rich, vibrant colors, perfect for dressing up a gray, beige or gold sofa. The needlework is beautiful.

What you should consider: A few buyers said they were smaller than advertised or more red than burgundy.

Or buy: Available at Wayfair

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