Best Airbnbs for Capricorns: Where to Stay Based on Your Zodiac Sign


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No one needs a vacation more than Capricorns. These “zodiac managers” (December 22 to January 19) are known for their perseverance and discipline, thanks to the energy derived from the mythical and hardworking sea goat, and they must sometimes be forced to take a day off. of my work. But where exactly should they go?

We got in touch with astrologer Stephanie Whaley, founder of the “knowledgeable about astrology” dating app. Oromoon who uses your birth chart to find your partner, to find out what this practical earth sign values ​​about a getaway destination and where they should travel next. “Capricorns are ambitious and determined – they aren’t afraid of hard work and they all care about practicality in whatever they do,” says Whaley. “They can also be a little materialistic, but not in a negative way. They love their earthly pleasures, and they work hard for them, so why not?

That’s why when it comes to planning a vacation (and they will be be the ones planning it), Capricorns value sophistication and exclusivity. Reputation is key, and they value things that are coveted by others, not because they care about the opinions of others, but rather because they themselves like to be impressed.

While Caps naturally want to stay somewhere that suits their tastes, what matters most to them is proximity and convenience. And this practicality means being prepared. “They don’t like last minute plans and they need everything to be accessible,” says Whaley. In other words? Don’t try to stick your Cap’s bestie in a house in the middle of nowhere (unless the house comes with a personal chef).

Read on to learn more about Capricorns, and check out 9 Airbnbs they’d love to spend a night (or seven) in.

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