Ben Soleimani offers luxury rugs and furniture at fair prices


For Ben Soleimani, the furniture industry has a problem. A design veteran who brought his family business, Mansour, to the United States before partnering with RH to produce rugs for the mega-retailer, Soleimani had firsthand insight into the ins and outs of big box retailers. and high-end, brands of the design center. And he thinks the gap between them is too big. “In the design world today, you have the big boxes which are very accessible, much easier than working with the design centers,” says Soleimani. Beautiful House. “However, the top quality is only sold by design centers.”

Courtesy of Ben Soleimani

The designer has made it his mission to bridge the gap between quality and the mass market with the launch of his own eponymous direct-to-consumer business. Founded in February, will offer a range of rugs, throws, pillows and accessories at mid-range prices. Furniture, tables, bedding and other offerings will roll out over the next year, culminating in what Soleimani promises to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ for a well-designed home. Now the company has also opened its first store in Los Angeles (new stores across the country are expected to open quarterly).

“It all starts with quality,” Soleimani says of the concept. “I have been known for quality over the decades I have worked, whether at Mansour or RH, and still do.” Like the Brooklinens and Caspers of the world, it cuts the prices of these high-quality items by selling direct to consumers. Quite simply: “We are the source. There is no middleman.

“Exceptional service is huge. We want you to make the right decision.”

Although the offers are certainly not cheap, Soleimani emphasizes that they are unprecedented for their level of craftsmanship and materials. “You go online, you can find rugs, sofas for $ 500, but they won’t last,” he points out. “Ours is at the top level. So this $ 10,000 designer sofa can be bought between $ 3,000 and $ 5,000. This brand is for people who understand the difference and want to buy things at a fair price. “

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Courtesy of Ben Soleimani

Down with the idea of ​​buying online but intimidated by the choices? You’re in luck: Ben Soleimani will offer one-on-one consultations with designers, free shipping, and white-glove delivery, where installers will even rearrange existing furniture for optimal layout. In Los Angeles, the company is testing a program where customers can order multiple items, keep what they want, and return the rest. If it proves effective, it will be rolled out nationwide.

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The Lerah rug by Ben Soleimani

Courtesy of Ben Soleimani

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“Exceptional service is enormous,” Soleimani says. “Most online businesses want everything to be automated. Here we want to talk to you. We don’t want big returns. We want you to make the right decision.”

If anyone can pull off the direct-to-consumer model with the notoriously expensive and convoluted carpet category, it’s Soleimani, who basically grew up in commerce. “The carpets are in my blood,” he says. “Since I was 8 years old, I can tell you where a rug was made, when. Growing up, I learned these things like a sponge.”

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Soleimani designs all the offers himself, a fact which he says leads to a better assortment: “In most big box stores, there is no point of view,” he says. As such, the company wears Soleimani’s recognizable minimal palette and relaxed feel.

“It’s very clean, less is more,” he says. “It’s all about texture; I like things in raw, true, clean lines. If you want top, I’m not for you. If you want practical, easy, soft, clean, aesthetic, c ‘is me.”

The other bonus: these simple and practical styles aren’t likely to go out of fashion anytime soon, making these coins a safe investment. As Soleimani says, “everyone should have the opportunity to buy a good property and not have to pay a dishonest price”.

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