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To better understand how committed Don’s Home Furniture is to providing their customers with quality handcrafted Amish and American furniture, just look at how they deliver their products. Rather than using cardboard, this independent furniture store wraps each piece in a blanket, which is better for the environment and beautiful furniture. “It’s really important to us and our customers,” says Blaine Neupert, co-owner and president of the Madison, Wisconsin store.

And the same goes for Don’s Home Furniture, which has been in business for over 30 years.

But before Don’s became the largest Amish furniture showroom in the country with more than 140 Amish vendors to choose from, it was Don’s Collection of Reproductions, a small shop selling mostly new oak furniture designed to reproduce early 1900s antiques. Founded by Don Kotlowski, who has a background in antiques, and his wife, Pat Derer, the store has grown over the years with a few name changes and larger locations along the way. . In 1992, Kotlowski sold the store to his son-in-law, Neupert, who together with his ex-wife, Tina Neupert, and their two children, Amanda and Brandon, now run the business.

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Although there have been many changes over the years, including the addition of sofas, area rugs, accessories and wall art, an emphasis on pride in craftsmanship and the avoidance factory-made furniture remained. “Quality has always been what we’re known for, and we continue to hear it from our customers to this day,” says Neupert.

In fact, it was this commitment to craftsmanship that inspired Blaine and Tina to visit the Amish areas of Ohio and Indiana in the late 1990s to build personal relationships within these tight-knit communities. and ensuring that Don’s Home Furniture provided the highest quality Amish construction. furniture he could.

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Don’s Home Furniture offers an extensive selection of dining room, living room, bedroom and office furniture.

Photo courtesy of Don’s Home Furniture

“We really appreciate the opportunity to work with Amish family businesses in the furniture industry because they have deep-rooted family values ​​that parallel our family business,” says Neupert. “Our Amish partners rely on everyone else in the community to drive their success. Some supply hardware and furniture parts, others specialize in making tables and another specializes in chairs, and they work together to create stunningly beautiful furniture that lasts through generations.

With over 20,000 square feet of show space, Don’s Home Furniture offers an extensive selection of dining room, living room, bedroom and office furniture. “We blow people away when they see the variety of styles our Amish builders can create,” says Neupert. “Their perception of what Amish furniture is is changing.”

Additionally, Don’s Home Furniture offers customers a choice of hardwoods, fabrics, styles, and stains, including regular, painted, glazed, and distressed. “We love helping customers get creative to really make their furniture as unique as they want it to be.”

Beyond its hard-won reputation as a furniture store like no other, Don’s Home Furniture values ​​its commitment to the world around it. “We are very proud of our partnerships not only with our Amish manufacturers, but also with our American manufacturers,” says Neupert. “They, in turn, provide Americans with jobs, which strengthens the communities in which they live.”

Additionally, Don’s Home Furniture connects with its neighbors through local charities. “As a family business, our owners and staff live and take pride in this community,” says Neupert. “We consistently and proudly support non-profit groups and events because they are extremely important to the success of our community.”

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Don’s Home Furniture, located on West Belt Line Highway at Madison, Wis.

Photo courtesy of Don’s Home Furniture

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