6 best picnic blankets of 2021


THERE is nothing better than a picnic on a hot summer day and we have selected the best picnic blankets for the job.

Whether you’re looking for a lightweight option for the whole family or something luxurious for a date, we’ve got you covered.


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You can get different styles of picnic blankets.

The most widely available are fleeces with a waterproof back, which are great for festivals or if it just rained.

Some have aluminum backs, which are better for keeping you warm, while others are just plastic.

These are usually very affordable and you can just wipe them off when they get dirty.

You can also get rugs, woven from wool or other fibers, which are great for keeping you warm in cold weather, but won’t keep water out if the ground is really cold. humid.

These are fully machine washable, saving you time if they get dirty or stained, but can be much more expensive.

And finally, you have the Pacmat-style blankets, which are waterproof, lightweight, and can be folded into a small carrying case.

Made from tough and durable polyester, they are ideal for families as they are also machine washable, but they can cost a bit more.

Where can I buy a picnic blanket?

Picnic blankets are widely available in street stores during the summer months and online year round.

We’ve picked a few of our favorites below:

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1. Meteor picnic blanket

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  1. (AD) Meteor XL Picnic Blanket, £ 18.99 from Amazon – Buy here

Meteor picnic blankets come in a variety of prints and sizes (the XL, which measures 180cm x 200cm, works well for a party of four or five).

The aluminum stand is a big plus as it keeps you dry even if you are sitting on wet grass and no sand if you are on a beach. It is also easy to clean up if there are any spills.

The printed side is soft fleece, and fans love its adjustable shoulder strap and zippered pocket for storing valuables.

2. Bearz outdoor picnic blanket

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  1. (AD) Bearz Outdoor Picnic Blanket, £ 17.99 on Amazon – Buy here

This waterproof, sand and puncture resistant outdoor blanket is a great compact picnic blanket when you are on the go or camping.

It folds very small and slips into a matching pouch with a carabiner, so you can hang it on a backpack.

The size is ideal for two people but can accommodate up to four.

It also has some pretty neat corner pockets that you can fill with pebbles or sand to keep the cover firmly on the ground on windy days.

3. Delightful Living Custom Plaid Picnic Mat


Credit: via Not On The High Street
  • Delightful Living Picnic Mat, £ 58 from Not On The High Street – Buy here

This stylish rug can be personalized with a discreet tag, making it a perfect gift for someone.

The checkered pattern is available in duck egg and charcoal, or red and blue.

The fabric is a soft wool blend, so it’s very comfortable to use – although it doesn’t have any waterproof property, so it’s best when it hasn’t rained for a while.

4. Argos Home Curated Woven Picnic Blanket


Credit: via Argos
  • Argos Home Curated Woven Picnic Blanket, £ 12 from Argos – Buy here

This economical blanket features a woven herringbone pattern that makes it very stylish.

It has a weatherproof backing that will protect you from wet grass and can be wiped clean with a rag.

And when you’re done, fold it up and tuck it into its velcro carrying straps.

5. Tweedmill All Wool Picnic Mat

Credit: Amazon
  1. (AD) Tweedmill All Wool Picnic Mat, £ 23.48 at Amazon – Buy here

Measuring 150cm x 183cm, this machine washable wool rug is made from recycled wool and is perfect for picnics or as a throw in the house (it has no PVC backing, so do not use it) not outside when wet).

Buy a couple and use one to sit on and the other to snuggle under when it’s cooler.

6. Songmics picnic blanket

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  1. (AD) Songmics Picnic Blanket, £ 21.99 on Amazon – Buy here

This cute abstract print picnic blanket features waterproof aluminum backing, padded foam and a fleece upper, making it super comfortable to use on hard ground.

It folds up easily and has a carrying handle for added convenience.

You can also get the design in three different sizes, ideal for couples or large families.

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