5 of Hem’s best living room rugs


No living room is complete without a beautiful rug to tie it up. But choosing the perfect rug can be a minefield. The wide variety of materials, colors, patterns and sizes on offer can seem daunting, especially since the choice of rugs you make can instantly transform the look and feel of a room – for better or for the better. the worst. Fortunately, we have Hem to simplify the process. The famous Swedish design studio offers a selected range of beautifully designed rugs, each available in a variety of sizes and colors. Like the rest of its collection of housewares, Hem rugs are understated yet impactful, guaranteed to brighten up your home without dominating the rest of your interior. Scroll through our selection of some of Hem’s best living room rugs that will not only anchor your furniture, but also add a welcome layer of luxury and comfort underfoot.

Hem rain mat

Cheerful and deliberate imperfection is at the heart of Sylvain Willenz’s Scribble collection, which brings the designer’s own geometric sketches to life through characterful linens and rugs. Ethically produced in India, the Rain rug has been crafted from hand-tufted European wool, which means it is not only stunning, but also incredibly warm, practical and luxurious.

Hem Dune Rug

Unquestionably one of the best living room rugs on the market, Hem’s understated yet luxurious Dune rug is available in a range of soft, natural hues that are sure to tie any room together. The Dune rug also benefits from a thick weave, smooth, seamless hand serged edges, and generous woolen loops that help create a feeling of depth and texture, while giving it unmatched softness underfoot.

Hem Grid Mat

Like an oversized cutting mat or a giant sketchbook, the block shapes and gray tones of Sylvain Willenz’s Grid Rug give it the ultimate potential to enhance neutrally decorated rooms. The gray color hue and linear symmetrical patterns stylistically refer to urban features such as skylines and dark geometries that will highlight any room without dominating it.

Striped Hem Carpet

The power of Swedish design has teamed up with Milanese fashion designer Arthur Arbesser to create a range of large, colorful rugs with an artistic touch. Featuring bold stripes and neutral hues with striking color accents, the Slate area rug is designed to do just the right amount of statement. Colors used throughout the collection complement the rug’s minimalist shapes and patterns, while the hand-woven construction and generous pile height ensure exceptional durability and softness.

Hem Rope Mat

French designer Pauline Deltour reinvented the traditional Japanese tatami for Hem, using rope for a thicker, more durable fabric. The rope is skillfully hand woven into a carpet using rhythmic loops, which gives a truly distinctive look and feel. Choose from four versatile nature-inspired colors and three sizes.

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