4 stylish Chennai homes filled with natural textures


The wabi-sabi-inspired living and dining room is a rectilinear space filled with complementary tones of beiges, browns, and whites. A reclaimed window shutter with an antiqued finish on the white brick wall at the entrance cleverly hides the residence’s DB box. “The addition of several textured elements such as woven Indonesian wall baskets, old carved wood murals, reused louver window frames on a white brick wall and the like, helped us fill the space with life. and character. The customers wanted us to create a relaxed and relaxed home, keeping the natural color palette intact, ”Yogesh explains. Individual elements like the concrete side table by Gulmohar Lane, the modular sofa, the Jeanneret Kangaroo chair as well as a handmade rug in earthy tones by Jaipur Rugs enhance the overall ‘inhabited’ nature of the space.

A loft by the Chennai River that exudes understated luxury

In the heart of Chennai, overlooking the Adyar River, is a sumptuous setting that overturns the urban archetype. Outside, a 360-degree view of Chennai sparkles on the horizon. Inside, a view of a different kind. With sumptuous textures, golden sunshine and richly paneled walls, this plush loft, dubbed Clover by the River, has all the hallmarks of a five-star hotel suite. “We tried to create a space that complemented its surroundings and gave off a sense of timelessness. We sought to achieve an understated luxury aesthetic and experimented with materials and textures to create distinct and memorable spaces in the home,” explains Amrita Thomas Modi, Founder and Chief Interior Designer of ALARA.

Fluted teak panels, punctuated with bronze-toned pendant lights, frame a full-length mirror in the foyers. “Here and throughout the house, the details are in the teak embellishments. They are simple but impactful,” shares Modi. There is an air of distinguished sobriety in the living room. Here, no extras or extravagances. And yet, barefoot luxury is written on every wall. Modi covered the walls with fluted teak and designed the bespoke sofas with rich fabrics and neutral hues. The rug is from Jaipur Rugs and the corner pendant is from Arjun Rathi.

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