14 bestsellers and deals this week, from sneakers to sex toys


The holiday shopping season may be over, but the bargains remain, my friends. After all, we may have scoured the World Wide Web from afar to find the best gifts for every man, woman, brother, lover, sentient robot, and bodega sandwich maker in our lives, but we still need to focus on ourselves – the New us – it’s looking for an ever bigger, better, worse year (in a good way) in 2022. We finally want to get proper home workout gear, improved basics, sex aids from high quality and better bluetooth speakers, since the one we got for free at the company picnic in 2011 now looks like Walter Mathau shouting in a tin can.

And boy, oh boy, it’s 2022, and we couldn’t be happier to scream Kobe! and throw 2021 in the trash on the other side of the room. While we almost certainly missed this shot, we still reward ourselves and no expense is spared (except, you know, costs) when it comes to equipping ourselves and our homes. We’re really on a budget for the New Year – that’s actually exactly the phrase we wrote on that champagne-soaked napkin at 12:01 am a week ago – and there’s no better way to ring the bell. a fiscally responsible 2022 than by devouring business and theft.

So dear readers, here are the best deals this week from some of our favorite retailers and brands, including the sneaker lords of MR PORTER, the tech team at Nordstrom, the gloomy minds behind Anthropologie’s home goods, And much more…

Hit the streets from your own apartment

Yes, it is January, that time of year when we try to resume some of the “good habits” that we have happily abandoned in recent months in favor of huge plates of cold cuts, chocolate coated nougat and bathtubs. full of champagne. Don’t worry, everything will be back next year. For now, we’ll be trying to get our daily step count back above 800, and that’s where home fitness equipment comes in. Amazon has tons of NordicTrack machines on sale right now, including the very popular T-series of the treadmill brand:


T Series Treadmill

And commercial studio cycles, which are currently enjoying a massive $ 700 rebate:


Commercial studio cycle

Speaking of exercising …

What better way to help your muscles recover than with a vibrating foam roller? This top-rated one is on sale right now, and we can think of other ways to use it besides just, uh, rolling out the pain.


Vibrating foam roller

Write everything down

Have you already chosen an agenda for this year? If not, now is the time to get organized and start keeping track of what WTF is going on in your life, and although we have found the best planners for 2022 ranging from wellness tracking logs to travel logs chic, Moleskine is a brand that truly reigns supreme, several colors of which are currently for sale on Amazon.


Classic Notebook

Throw the jock jams

Head to Current sale of Nordstrom to find some really beautiful (and sounding) bluetooth speakers on sale, including a mid-century modern Tivoli number that would look like it’s right at home in Don Draper’s sunken living room:

Tivoli Audio

Relive the bluetooth speaker

Or a transparent speaker that’s both visually fascinating and powerful:

Its transparent

Small transparent speaker

And if you’ve always wanted a super quiet, efficient pink Coway air purifier with amazing reviews, now is the time to pick one up for 25% off.


Airmega 150 air purifier

Sneakers lovers, rejoice

The big sale of MR PORTER includes tons of designer sneakers, like these Maison Margiela x Reebok hi shoes, now for just $ 238:

Margiela House

Maison Margiela + Reebok classic high-top leather sneakers

Buy a gift for your butt (or buttocks)

Ella Paradis’ massive semi-annual sale continues this weekend, which means massive savings on all kinds of sex toys, from dildos and vibrators to penis sleeves and cock rings. Just one of the good deals? Better Love Booty Pop vibrating anal plug for only 35 bones.

Make it better here

Anthropology is hosting a huge clearance event, with an additional 50% off sale items including this chic, moody rug, which once cost close to a G and now on sale for under $ 300:


Beckett flatwoven rug

And this ultra-modern chandelier, which went from $ 728 to just $ 275:


Tanner Linear Chandelier

Great deals on basics

Madewell is offering up to 70% off now with code CLASSIFIED, which means you can buy this comfy hoodie for just $ 23.99:


Wilmington hoodie

Or this men’s cargo jacket for just $ 59.99

It’s cold outside, guys

It’s time to dress accordingly. One of our favorite outdoor gear and apparel retailer, The Almighty lingonberry, is having a huge end of year sale on everything from jackets to survival kits, and we couldn’t pass up this great old Fishtail parka from Relwen made from a super hydrophobic and water resistant shell.

See you next week.

The game room staff independently selected all of the items featured in this story.

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