10 luxury living room ideas: the best luxury looks for your living room


The best luxury living room ideas include elegant classic and contemporary schemes to suit the style of every home – and we’ve included a ton of value-added interior design tips too.

So whether your luxury living room design is expansive, open, a shared family space, or on the compact side, there are luxury looks to suit.

Plus, we’ve catered to a wide variety of styles, color preferences, and layouts, and, as always, there are ideas you can adopt quickly – and full makeover inspiration for all your living room ideas. luxury no matter the cost.

Luxury Living Room Ideas

From the best living room furniture and the most beautiful living room color combinations to the importance of showing off your treasured antique and art collections, we asked the interior design experts to share their top luxury living room ideas , and found some impeccable examples to inspire your session. space.

1. Showcase valuable art and possessions

Luxury Living Room Ideas

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

High value art (whether in real or personal terms) should be treated with special consideration when it comes to lighting ideas for your living room – especially if the aim is to make one remarkable feature of the luxury salon.

“Lighting up a painting has the dual benefit of showing off the work and returning light to the room,” says interior designer Nicola Harding, who designed this scheme.

She chose a wall color with a lacquer finish to reflect natural light; the artificial light above remains in place during the darkest hours. “This reflected light is more atmospheric than something that lights up the whole room. I also like to play with wall sconces that weren’t specifically designed as picture lights. Anything with an articulated arm can work.

2. Make a small living room grand

Luxury living room in a small space with blue colors

(Image credit: Andrew Beasley/Studio Indigo)

“One of the biggest challenges in design is getting your living room furniture ideas into a small living room,” says Mike Fisher, Creative Director and Founder of Studio Indigo.

“It needs to be a practical space, whether it’s for watching TV or creating a good conversation. What you choose should be stylish and contribute to the personality and harmony of the space,” adds Mike.

“Inevitably, I find that people often move into the smaller rooms of a house because they are more intimate and more comfortable, whereas larger rooms can make you feel small and uncomfortable. Be bold with your living space and use large-scale furniture sparingly to make the room look bigger than it is.

3. Use symmetry to create balance

Luxury living room with fireplace and mirrors

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

Symmetry in interior design creates balance and a sense of calm when used in luxury living room designs.

The best way to use symmetry in a room is to have an architectural feature as a starting or focal point, whether it’s a fireplace, a pair of identical windows, or even a center table. . Achieve perfect symmetry in your luxury living space and you can create harmony with ease – and make small spaces more suitable.

For a classic look, try taking a symmetrical approach to lighting. “A great way to do this is to place two lamps on either side of a mirror or piece of art,” says Louise Wicksteed, design director for Sims Hilditch. “The resulting aesthetic is one of well-distributed elegance.”

4. Consider the color scheme carefully

Luxury living room in blue and green colors

(Image credit: Alecia Neo/Elizabeth Hay)

Picking complementary color combinations for rooms is an art form, and you need to carefully consider if you want your modern living room ideas to embody a sense of luxury.

“Choose a living room color as a base – from a favorite artwork, picture or piece of furniture – to form the thread that runs through the space,” says brand manager Charlotte Archer, Sanderson. ‘Build your palette around this with complementary or tonal shades. My number one rule is: decorate for yourself, not for others. Choose tones you love and you won’t go wrong. »

And it’s not just about aesthetics, size matters too. “Scale really determines how much diversity you can have with color pairings: large living rooms can take on a looser palette; in small spaces, it’s best to keep colors more concise – find three colors that work together and use them as a common thread for continuity,” advises Charu Gandhi, Founder and Director, Elicyon.

5. Focus on flooring in a luxury space

Modern living room with fireplace, white walls and green chairs

(Image credit: James Merrell/Future)

Careful consideration of your flooring choices in a luxury living room can have a big impact on the final feel of the space. “Living room rugs add comfort and softness and also dampen sound echoes,” notes Deirdre Dyson.

Be sure to plan the placement of mats. “A larger rug will help bring the room together,” advises Andy Guard, Creative Director of Roger Oates Design. “In open-plan living rooms, placing all the furniture on the rug will define the space and unify the rooms. If possible, the rug should extend 6 to 8 inches on each side.

6. Style the shelves to perfection

Luxury living room with upholstered furniture

(Image credit: Chris Snook)

You can own some of the most beautiful pieces, but if you don’t style your shelves in an eye-catching way, they can quickly lose any impact they might have had. “When designing shelving for a luxury living room, be sure to mix the heights and depths of the objects,” says Sophie Pringle, Creative Director, Pringle & Pringle.

“Good living room shelving ideas benefit from mixing things up – incorporate art, add plants, use an odd number of objects grouped together; start with big chunks and build around that.

7. Dress your windows with the best treatments

Living room ceiling light ideas with a white chandelier with rattan shades on light bulbs, over a sitting area in a blue bohemian bedroom

(Image credit: Jan Baldwin)

When thinking about living room design, the window might not be the first thing you think of, but a well-dressed window is a luxury living room idea worth investing in.

“One of the easiest ways to create a decorative element from window treatments is to choose a bold, large-scale design for the curtains,” advises Hayley McAfee, design director at Villa Nova. “It can create a striking focal point and will work best on large windows where the full repeat of the pattern can be appreciated. If you have smaller windows, opt for a small-scale pattern for a more refined look.

8. Reupholster old or tired furniture

Luxury living room with upholstered furniture

(Image credit: Chris Snook)

Old or tired living room sofas and armchairs can find a new decorative life and become a place of choice in your luxury living room.

When deciding which material to use, it’s important to consider the durability you need for the fabric – will it be in constant use or is it a more occasional seat?

“Velvets are ideal upholstery fabrics, as they are heavy, tightly woven and durable,” advises Warner House director Lee Clarke. “Amazingly, silk or mohair can wear well and can even improve over time. For pieces like ottomans, you can opt for style over practicality.

9. Pay attention to finishes

Luxury living room ideas with yellow wallpaper

(Image credit: Kit Kemp/Simon Brown)

For a truly tailored look, follow the lead of Kit Kemp, Creative Director of Firmdale Hotels. Her keen eye for decorative details is what makes her luxury living room projects stand out.

“Trims have the ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary,” says Marisa Gutmacher, Executive Director of Design, Samuel & Sons.

“In its most traditional application, cords with tape can be inserted into the seams of upholstered furniture, providing the finishing touch and helping to delineate the lines of the frame.”

Be sure to look beyond the seats for trim. “Narrow cords and borders can also be used for wall covering applications in the living room, working with fabric walls, or as a sophisticated finishing touch around baseboards and trim,” Marisa adds.

10. Use mirrors to maximize light

Luxury Living Room Ideas With Mirror Inlays

(Image credit: Alexander James)

Decorating with mirrors is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to maximizing light.

In this scheme from K&H Design, a sagging mirror by Rupert Bevan fills each alcove. This south-west facing room already benefited from a beautiful light; what it lacked was ambiance. Mirrors help project the sun throughout the room and increase the feeling of space. Use a similar distressed finish when working on this ladder. Not only does it soften the glow of the light, anything with a smoother surface is likely to tip into hair salon territory.

“Decorative lighting adds drama and brings together the contemporary and the old with the antique chinoiserie lamp,” say Katie Glaister and Henry Miller-Robinson, co-founders of K&H design.

How can I make my living room more luxurious?

There are many ways to make your living room more luxurious.

“Furnishings play a vital role in welcoming a space,” advises James Thurstan Waterworth, founder of Thurstan. “When curating a luxury living room, we recommend thoughtful curation of essential pieces – laying out a large rug as an anchor for the scheme, then building from there, choosing tones from the rug and embellishing them in the whole room. A center table can create a focal point in a formal living room, best framed by inward-facing armchairs that help create depth, volume, and a sense of curation.

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