10 arrangements for any size space

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  • With a few great living room seating ideas, you can easily make the most of your space, no matter the shape of your room. In fact, the ways you can arrange your sofa and chairs are endless – from a clever symmetrical layout to grouped seating, you can not only maximize your living space, but also create the ambiance you’re looking for.

    Looking for a cozy atmosphere? Opt for a convivial setting with sofas and chairs close to each other. Prefer something worthy of a show home? Then use chairs and accent pieces like side tables to create a more balanced setting.

    Living Room Seating Ideas

    It’s likely that the shape of your room will dictate your living room seating arrangement to some extent, but contrary to popular belief, when it comes to living room sofa ideas, the traditional format against the wall n isn’t always the best arrangement, even in a compact room.

    If you have the space or your living room is of a delicate shape, it’s worth looking into other options – and we’ve got a few to whet your appetite, whether you’re lucky enough to have a large open space or whether you are looking to maximize a smaller room shape.

    Read on for the best living room seating ideas to suit any space…

    1. Move furniture away from the wall

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Kasia Fizer

    Pushing all of your seats against the wall isn’t always the best way to arrange living room furniture, as it can create an awkward space in the center and draw attention to the fact that it’s not the largest of rooms. Instead, try pulling the furniture towards the center to make the area feel open and create the illusion of more space. In addition, it offers you the possibility of introducing other pieces of furniture behind, such as a sideboard or a console.

    2. Mix

    A white living room with coral pink armchairs and black pendant lights in one corner

    Image credit: Future PLC/Robert Sanderson

    In a large space, you can afford to have a variety of seats, a sofa, a loveseat, an armchair or even a lounge chair or recliner. Space out the seating, with each piece facing inwards and a coffee table taking center stage for a balanced feel.

    If you’re worried that mixing different shapes and sizes might look a little mismatched, keep one element the same in each, whether it’s a similar color, fabric, or shape, and use a large mat to unify the seats, with all key pieces having at least two tabs on top of the mat.

    3. Replace a sofa with armchairs

    contemporary white living room with monochrome rug black armchair and white bouclé chair

    Image credit: Dunelm

    Struggling to fit a sofa in an oddly shaped room? Or are you worried that a sofa will take up too much space? Swapping a sofa for armchairs can be a good alternative, but before you buy, it’s worth considering whether you want two identical chairs or chairs of different sizes and materials.

    Large, spacious armchairs, like this curly design above, provide the perfect place to curl up, while the smaller black armchair echoes the curved design and fits perfectly into the monochromatic scheme.

    Buy now: Arlo Boucle chair, £349, Dunelm

    4. Create a focal point

    gray living room with turquoise curtains and turquoise velvet sofa

    Image credit: Future PLC / Brent Darby

    Whether it’s a TV, fireplace, or feature wall, direct your main seat to a focal point to give your living room a sense of direction – a cornerstone, so to speak.

    Tilt other chairs or seats in a similar direction to create a cocooning feeling – perfect for cozy nights in front of a crackling fire, a new series on TV or admiring a panoramic view.

    5. Make it multifunctional

    Gray living room with yellow paint detail

    Image credit: Future PLC/Jo Henderson

    Our lounge chairs can do more than just provide a place to sit, so consider adding pieces that have more than one use. For example, a sofa bed is great when you need extra sleeping space for guests, while ottomans make a handy coffee table and can double as extra seating when needed.

    6. Group seats together

    coral pink living room with mustard velvet sofa and rattan furniture

    Image credit: John Lewis & Partners

    If you want your living room to have a relaxed atmosphere, position your seats so that they lean towards each other for a super sociable space where you can converse easily. Give yourself the flexibility of being able to move your seating depending on the occasion and the number of guests by opting for lightweight accent chairs and ottomans that can be moved in and out as needed.

    Here, the bamboo coffee table and armchair bring a retro and laid-back touch to the ensemble, while the mustard-colored sofa adds a pop of bright color.

    7. Add curves

    large white living room with high arched windows and a curved sofa and armchairs

    Image credit: Sofology

    On a scale of 1 to 10, this beautiful, shapely design is a solid 12 and up with our pick of the best sofas. Spacious and luxurious, its undulating curves echo the shape of the window arch and are duplicated in the two opposing chairs, adding visual appeal and softness to the scheme.

    Note how the coffee tables and sideboard also have a circular shape, while a globe style pendant lihttps://www.idealhome.co.uk/buying-guide-reviews/best-sofas-242350ght brings in even more curves , breaking up the high ceiling and the large expanse of space.

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    8. Welcome flexible adjustment

    Image credit: Swyft

    Even the largest of living rooms can have areas where it can be difficult to find a sofa, and if you’re having trouble finding one that works, it’s worth checking out a modular design. The beauty of this sofa style is that you can arrange it however you want, whether you have two seats or 10, a left or right chaise, and if you change rooms or move to a new house, you have the option to reorganize your modular sofa in your image.

    This neat square-shaped design is ideal if you are looking for living room ideas with a gray sofa and the deep seats provide plenty of room to stretch out.

    Buy now: Model 03 Sofa in Shadow, £2,385, Swyft Sofas

    9. Keep seats symmetrical

    Image credit: Mel Yates / Shalini Misra

    Sophisticated, neat and pleasing to the eye, a symmetrical seating arrangement can bring a tidy and well-proportioned feel to your living room. Choose between placing two sofas facing each other, with a coffee table to separate them, or one sofa with identical chairs on both sides, facing inwards, as shown here in this diagram by the architect interior Shalini Misra.

    Take a look at some living room cushion ideas for an extra touch of symmetry and follow up with a grid-like feature wall above.

    10. Maximize seats

    Image credit: Future PLC

    When lounging and watching TV are the main activities, opt for a corner sofa for ultimate comfort! Where a few sofas may be too bulky, an L-shaped design can maximize space and fit perfectly into a tricky corner.

    How can I maximize the seats in my living room?

    Kelly Collins, interior designer and creative lead at Swyft Home, recommends using the full extent of your room when working with a small living space. ‘

    Push the sofa against the wall, replace wall sconces with floor lamps and use every available square inch of floor space,” she suggests. “Try to avoid leaving dead spaces in the room, as this will only eat away at the useful area and make your living room look smaller.”

    How many seats should a lounge have?

    It really depends on the size of your living room, says Dani Burroughs, product manager at Comfortable. “It’s important to make sure your home is working for you, rather than you working for your home,” she says.

    “Comfort is king when it comes to seating. Whether you want a large plush corner sofa with deep seats or a compact two-seater that fits like a glove into an alcove or smaller, awkward space, it’s about using the available space – and, of course, about choosing personally.

    “Ideally you want enough seating so that every member of the family has a place to sit and relax, but if space is at a premium, a great alternative is a 1.5-seater cuddly that offers all the comforts of a ‘a regular couch,” Dani continues. . “Another great option is an ottoman, as it adds extra comfort while serving as extra seating when guests come over to visit.”

    How to maximize seating in a small venue?

    “Small spaces require a bit of creativity and versatility, which is why modular works best,” says Dani. ‘Look for a sofa that grows with you and your lifestyle as your needs change. This means you can transform your two-seater sofa into a three-seater sofa or transform it into a corner sofa, all in a snap by simply adding new pieces without any hassle.

    Kelly Collins of Swyft Home agrees and suggests looking at the rest of your furniture as well. “While it may seem counterintuitive to add more furniture to your small space, introducing an armchair or ottoman can help make your living room more functional and appealing,” says- she.

    “One of the most effective modern small living room ideas you will come across is to use oversized furniture. Although it may seem surprising, using large furniture in a comfortable space can actually work very well, as long as other clutter and furniture are kept to a minimum.

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