Surya is a household name especially where area rugs and home accessories are concerned. They have been acredited with quite a number of things but their ability to maintain high quality, innovative and luxurious services and goods for over 35 years has stood out. Surya rug weavers have perfected their skill to produce versatile and unique area rugs to give each room its own unique sense of style without compromising quality or appearance. Each area rug produced is a perfect blend of pattern, color and texture which go a long way in satisfying a wide variety of tastes and preferences.

Anabel's Oriental Rugs is one of the largest dealers in hand crafted area rugs and home accessories in Kentucky. They have pin pointed their area of expertise and taken it a step further by giving their customers the opportunity to own a piece of art in their homes. They have creative hand woven area rugs from all over the world including Turkey, India, China Persia, Russia, Tibet and Egypt. This also ensures that their client's chances of finding exactly what they are after are high. The name Surya is associated with high quality, variety and comfort. Though different in design, each area rug completes any room's look with ease and perfection. You can choose from any of the available styles which include; traditional, contemporary, antique, semi antique and transitional. The variety in texture, design and length guarantees customer satisfaction.What's more, Anabel's Oriental Rugs give you the rare opportunity to take area rugs home to test on their compatibility with the room. This is done free of charge to all clients just to ensure that their rug of choice doesn't stir doubts later on. In this case, one has the freedom to pay for the area rug after the test. This oozes confidence in their products and services.

Grillo Oriental rugs was founded by George Grillo in the year 1966. This was after he had carefully observed and mastered the art and details behind beautiful area rugs from the masters before him. His keen and genuine interest in rugs from such a tender age to the present day has earned him a spot at the Appraisers Association of America as a member. Together with his hardworking and equally dedicated employees, Grillo has continued to render high quality services in New England. The founder, Grillo derived his drive and ambition from the cries of his customers when their rugs repeatedly got damaged by local cleaners and handlers. This is where the idea of merging the area rug selling business with rug care and cleaning came to be. He started off by restoring the worn out and damaged area rugs back to shape. This earned him great favor and spectacular reputation in all of New England and still has to date.

However, Grillo's customers are based all over the country; Boston, New York, Houston and Miami. Regardless of the kind of service needed; rug purchase, cleaning, restoration or care, Grillo has got you covered. Your area rug is guaranteed to return to you looking as good as it did when you unwrapped it for the first time. There is a sense of satisfaction, trust and comfort that easily comes by in knowing that your business is handled by professionals who have mastered the business for over 50 years. Grillo Oriental Rugs rely on this and it has never disappointed.

Every beautiful area rug deserves a beautiful rug pad underneath it. Rug Pad USA is known for their quality each time without compromise on functionality. Rug Pad USA offers the highest quality rug pads & underlays on the market. A premium alternative to plastic and pvc pads on the market. Rug Pad USA invests in domestic manufacturing and quality materials to offer you an eco-friendly rug pad alternative. The same standards have enabled them to continuously produce high quality rug pads which is exactly what their customers are after. Unlike most rug pads in the market that are purposely meant to sell, they have opted to be different and make theirs last. A closer look at the rug pads in stores will show that most are outsourced from other countries, made with a lot of chemicals and toxins. They might look the same but the truth is that they aren't, because most of them are made of cheap plasticizers that can end up staining floors. Some can contain hazardous elements such as phthalates and VOC. On the other hand, low quality rug pads make your hardwood floors prone to staining and marking. A high quality rug deserves a high quality rug pad and this can only be gotten from a recognized manufacturers such as Rug Pad USA. Outsourced rug pads can that pose health threats and cause floors damage, theirs are guaranteed to give extended service that will continuously offer comfort. All eco rug pads are manufactured locally in the USA. The materials used are very safe for the user, the floors and the environment. They offer 4 distinct eco friendly rug pads depening on your taste and preference, style and type of floor in your house. They are safe for all floors and made with only natural rubber, felt, and wool materials. There is a guarantee that their rug pads are free from defects and give quality service for up to 20 years of continued use. They have organic rug pads for different types of floors such as hardwood, laminate, stone, outdoor and can even be used on carpets as carpet pads.

Founded in the year 1981, KAS started off small as an importer of Indian Dhurries but has consistently grown to a well known establishment. It carries over 40 hand made and machine made rugs with a variety of prices ranging from high to low to cater for all its customers. This small family business maintains 6 show rooms indifferent parts of the country.